March 2014 Family Giving News

Leading Through Change: Advice from and for Seasoned CEOs

The longer CEOs stay in the job, the more they see strategic opportunities for the foundation. There may be strong reasons for funding some new areas with greater potential impact, entering into collaborations, or including advocacy grants in the mix, for example. But sometimes the challenge is convincing the board.

“You have to stay attuned to bringing the family along,” cautions NCFP Senior Fellow Alice Buhl. You may want to go faster, but the family isn’t ready to go there yet. Longtime CEOs must be flexible and alert to the family’s needs.” She notes that “boards haven’t had the connection or exposure the CEO has had,” so sometimes it takes a while to help them reach a new strategic level.   Continue reading…

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“What was it that I missed?”

A simple question with a complex answer many times. This question was posed by an experienced family foundation CEO during a recent call of our Issues Advisory Committee. The committee — formed to help ensure we stay in touch with the needs and interests of the field — was discussing “the best mistake I ever made.” In this instance, the CEO was describing a capital grant that had gone awry despite lots of due diligence. The learning, or takeaway for the future, was to trust more deeply in intuition — the wisdom we all develop based on our experiences and perceptions over time.   Continue reading…

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Engaging the “Always On” Generation

The Always On Generation

Today’s school-age kids are growing up in a connected, digital world that lets them approach philanthropy in entirely new ways. This session offers insights and ideas both to families who haven’t yet begun to engage their kids in philanthropy and to those who have already created avenues such as next gen boards. Topics will include: what makes today’s kids tick, the influence of social media on philanthropy, the most effective ways to work with next gen boards, how service trips and other activities help multi-generational families bond and why some foundations are moving beyond their own families to offer grantmaking opportunities for other youth in their communities. You’ll leave with a wealth of resources and inspired to do more. Featuring (from left to right above) Audrey Jacobs, Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta; Annie Hernandez, Freida C. Fox Family Foundation and Youth Philanthropy Connect; Shirish Dayal, Tarsadia Foundation; Noreen McMahon, Highland Street Foundation; and Susan C. Price, Author and NCFP Consultant. Space is filling quickly so  reserve your seat today.

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“We had to step back to take the time and to invest in a process to build trust on the board and a culture that allowed us to work together. Trust is the lubricant that makes everything else possible. Without that, nothing else works.”

- John Flicker, Trustee, The Storer Foundation
Source: March Webinar: So Far So Fast – A Family Foundation Finds its Focus

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WEBINAR  April 10th: 12:00 to 1:30 PM (EASTERN)
Leading Through Change: Advice from and for Seasoned CEOs and Their Boards

April 2014 Webinar-The Seasoned CEOHow do seasoned family foundation CEOs stay renewed and refreshed in their work? How do experienced CEOs find ways to balance the needs of the family with those of the foundation? How do they know when it is time to move on, and how can they work with the board to prepare the donor family for an eventual departure? What are the ways that family foundation boards can ensure the continued interest and commitment of their trusted leadership staff? Join us as we explore these questions and many more with a panel of seasoned CEOs whose perspectives and suggestions are featured in the National Center’s forthcoming guide, “The Seasoned CEO: A Guide for Family Foundation Leaders.”   Continue reading…

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An Intensive Seminar for Family Foundation Trustees, September 24-26, Washington, DC


The National Center for Family Philanthropy’s Trustee Education Institute provides a comprehensive introduction to the key legal, investment, ethical, grantmaking, and family dynamics issues facing family foundation board members. Featuring a faculty made up of NCFP senior staff and highly respected philanthropy experts, this three day, intensive seminar addresses how to be an effective steward of both the public’s trust and your family’s legacy, as well as how you can bring your own personal giving identity to the foundation’s collective grantmaking. Sessions will cover next gen engagement and succession, the qualities and responsibilities of effective trustees and exceptional boards, strategies for navigating family dynamics at the board table, new grantmaking and investment strategies and techniques, and peer discussions on both the essential legal rules you need to know, as well as the important and difficult ethical issues you may confront over time. Read more and register.

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How Do You Choose Grants Management Software?

Grantmaking programs are complicated to manage. Even the relatively small programs can involve tracking dozens of applications, reviewers, requirements, and payments. But grants management software applications can help by saving grantmakers time, making their processes more effective and transparent, and even transforming the way they do business. Grantmakers’ choices are growing each year…So how can foundations choose the right grants management system from this growing selection?   Continue reading…

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Diversity as a Family Affair

What value can diversity bring to the work of family foundations? First of all, diversity is now more interwoven into the fabric of our society, including our neighborhoods, education, business, and media. Integrating diversity into many aspects of a family foundation’s work can result in more compelling grantmaking, particularly in responding effectively to demographic changes that nonprofit organizations face every day.  Continue reading…

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News and Notes from NCFP’s Friends of the Family Network

Friends Focus is a special feature of Family Giving News that highlights members of our Friends of the Family network and their cutting edge work with family foundations and advised funds. This month’s edition of Friends Focus features updates from the David & Lucille Packard Foundation, The Condrad N. Hilton Foundation, and The Carl & Ruth Shapiro Foundation.  Continue reading…

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Thanks for Your Support!

We offer special thanks to our Friends of the Family and Leadership Circle funders who support and sustain the work of the National Center. Our Leadership Circle recognizes a special group of our most generous supporters. Our Friends offer continuing support for our work addressing emerging challenges in the field, researching new and evolving philanthropic issues, and ensuring that future generations of donor families continue to have access to the best possible resources for sound decision-making in their work.   See the complete list…

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Upcoming Events for Family Philanthropy

Featured events include the The Global Philanthropy Forum, the National Forum for Family Philanthropy, and the Joint Affinity Groups Unity Summit, among many others.

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job_openingsJOB BOARD
Current Openings in Family Philanthropy

We are pleased to provide our Family Philanthropy Job Board as a benefit to members of our Friends of the Family network, our other family philanthropy colleagues in the field, and the many talented individuals seeking new employment opportunities. If you are a member of the National Center’s Friends of the Family program and would like to post a position announcement on the Family Philanthropy Job Board, please email a .pdf of your job description to

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twitter-logo-follow-meTOP TEN TWEETS
The Best of NCFP’s @familygiving Twitter Feed

It’s been another busy month at the NCFP Twitter feed, @familygiving, and if you’re not following us yet you’re missing out on all the fun. Thanks to our 6,000+ followers. Ready to join them?

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Can’t get enough of FGN or looking for a past article that someone told you about? See a List of Past Issues of Family Giving News here.

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