On the Phone With… Robert Friedman of CFED and the Friedman Family Foundation (August 2010 FGN)

“I think if you look at the practices and policies that have made this country strong, it has been broad-based investment in the common genius – unleashing the entrepreneurial capabilities of all of our people.”

Robert Friedman is the general counsel, founder and chair of CFED, and serves as a board member of the Friedman Family Foundation, Levi Strauss & Co., the Rosenberg Foundation, and Ecotrust.Since 1979, Friedman has worked with CFED to foster widely shared and sustainable economic well-being by promoting asset-building and economic opportunity strategies that bring together community practice, public policy and private markets in new and effective ways. In 2009, CFED launched the American Dream Match Fund, an initiative to connect individual donors willing to match the savings of low-income working families saving for education, business, and home ownership.

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