Day: June 11, 2019

Miniature Schnauzers – Great Dogs and Great Pets

How beautiful these little puppies are! What a great companion and a favorite for the whole family! If you want to adopt one of these charming desserts, but you do not know anything about them, you should get more information about the miniature Schnauzer. Mini Schnauzers are a combination of ordinary Schnauzers and scarlet chimpanzees. The name of the dog is German and means “snout”. These dogs are very friendly and loving dogs who wish to show affection for animals and other people. They have very thick hair around the nose and lips like a mustache and must be trimmed and aligned from time to time. Get ready to either take them to the hairdresser’s house or cut your hair yourself, because you have to do it. They are very obedient if you give them the attention and training they need, and that will not be difficult because they are wonderful listeners. Check 5 Star Canine for available Miniature Schnauzers puppies.

Mini Schnauzers are 12 to 14 inches high. It features a facial mustache and a double coat. The outer layer is solid and wired, and the inner layer is close and soft. Their head is rectangular and strong. Their eyes set deep, dark brown small. The muzzle is strong with respect to the skull with mustaches, which emphasize the shape of the head. The average weight ranges from 10 to 15 pounds. Their bodies are very muscular to their size.

it is an energetic and active dog that loves playing. This dog is very attentive, but it should not be too aggressive. Schnauzer must teach how to communicate with other dogs in his youth because they control them. It is easy to train the Schnauzers, but they have a “command with high prey” to be solved if there are other animals at home. The miniature schnauzer is good for children and loves with his family.

These dogs have long hair coats that are beautifully cast discreetly. They require regular care, including regular shaving and trimming to keep the paint. The brush is recommended daily to prevent brushing. The coat must be cut twice a year, and regular pruning around the ears and eyes should be performed with sharp noses.

In addition, brushing your dog every week is a good idea to prevent fur from stabilizing. The eyebrows, beard, and mustaches should be combed so that they do not overlap and can be pruned to keep them clean. The wiry coat is fairly easy to maintain. It should be brushed daily with a wire brush daily, and the tangent should be removed if necessary. It is advisable to take them to a professional twice a year to remove excess hair from all over the eyes and ears to maintain the miniature schnauzer haircut

It is one of the healthy dog ​​breeds. They may be exposed to cataracts and retinal atrophy, which can lead to blindness. If the level of fat in your blood increases, pancreatitis may occur. Sensors with diabetes, cysts and von Willebrand disease (a type of hemophilia) can be infected. Diabetes and pancreatitis can be avoided in part by observing the dog’s diet so as not to be overweight. Low-fat dog food is suitable for this variety.

The miniature schnauzer breed r is a very good indoor dog and will be happy at home or apartment. This dog attaches strongly to the family and benefits from being with them. Mini Schnauzer is fun and lively and needs a daily workout, preferably long. This dog has to sleep indoors.