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any-questionsThe National Center fields requests for information every day from giving families, colleagues, professional advisors, and members of the media. Questions touch on family dynamics, engaging the next generation, grantmaking, giving vehicles, administration and management, legal and ethical issues, and a host of other topics. Here we share our latest answers from the field of family giving. Do you have a question? Email us, and we’ll respond—perhaps even featuring your Q&A on this page.

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What is the biggest threat to nonprofit missions that no one is talking about?

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One Response to Ask the Center

  1. Cynthia Reiling Krebsbach says:

    I am a member registered as the Reiling Family Foundation and I have a question. What information/suggestions to you have regarding asking for grant application via category. Such as: Education, Health and Wellness, Family, Culture, Environment, Preservation, Recreation. Do you like grouping applications this way. Thank you for your insight.
    Cindy Reiling Krebsbach

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