Should You Buy Used Car ?

Do you have a car you wish to sell out or do you want to buy a used car? These were questions bothering a lot of my friends over the past few months. They were seeking a good buying and selling service for used cars in their region. So I decided to take a tour around the neighborhood and also online to ask questions about this subject. My good friend, Christabel Rose asked me how much her car was worth in Ireland, and I was off to the research desk for her. I went round the used car selling companies around Ireland to find out how much she could sell her car. Mr. Roddrick, a car dealer in the heart of Ireland gave me some insight into the processes for getting her car bought by his company.

He stated that there were three stages considered before taking a car in or purchasing it from the owner. The stages he gave were; car valuation, appointment, and finally the sales itself.

The car Valuation Stage

According to Mr. Roddrick, they employ a car valuation tool that he said was easy to use and provides instant quotes for them. He stated that the valuation is usually quoted with the present market value of the car as at the period in question. They mostly run an evaluation for a guaranteed period of 7 days only. After that, the next stage is introduced or agreed on, that is the booking of an appointment.

car valuation

Booking an appointment

He said that a form is filled indicating your appointment and when would be convenient for their booking agent to come to inspect the car. On the given day, a call is put across by the inspecting officer and an Auto expert comes to check the status of the car. This usually involves Electricals, Suspensions, body works, tires, air conditioner, gear, interiors, and finally the engine status.

This takes us to the final stage which he called the “customer-smiling” stage; the car sales

Car sales

Now that the inspection and valuation have been done, he said an agreement is then signed with the managers and the car owners, after which the agreed price for the car is wired straight to your account. He said this can take between 45mins to 1 hour for total processing.

Apart from these steps given, he also stated that they keep all personal information about the seller confidential, ensuring safety for all sellers and buyers as well. He assured me that the car’s papers and personal are never shared with a third party.

He also gave me a little break down of the worth of some cars of people who asked to value their cars.

  • A Jaguar XF 2013 2.2 L can go for around €13, 000
  • Citroen C4 Grand Picasso 2010 1.6 L can go for around €5,800
  • A Renault Scenic 2011 1.5L can go for around €3,450
  • A BMW X4 2016 2.0 L can go for around €43, 000
  • Ford focus 2009 1.6 L can go for around €5,500
  • BMW 5 series 2010 2.0 L can go for around €9,500

There were more in the list he showed me, I guess Christabel Rose now knows how much her car is worth. Also, she got to know the different processes involved and got a good worth for her car.