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The Richest Deal in Sports History

In an industry filled with millionaires and billionaires Major League Baseball announced last night the richest deal in sports history with the signing of a $430 million 12 year contract of Mike Trout.  If and when the contract is confirmed that would give the Los Angeles Angels center fielder a salary of $36 million every year, not only the biggest contract in MLB history but in all of sports.  This outdoes the contracted signed by Bryce Harper of the Phillies which has him earning $330 million over 13 seasons.

Is it Worth It?

While there is no doubt that 27 year old Trout is an amazing ball player, he has been a two time American League MVP and has batted in more than 240 home runs, not to mention winning the silver slugger award six time since he came into the league back in 2009.  Despite all of his success and the fat salary given to him by the Angels is it going to help their playoff chances?  Who’s to say?  The Angels aren’t exactly the team to beat in the American League, the Boston Red Sox are still a force to be reckoned with and the Angels have only seen the post-season once in the past 10 years.  This is betting a lot of money on one player.  Here is a look at Trout in action so you can decide for yourself.

Big Sports Paydays

While Mike Trout has certainly signed a lucrative contract he is by far not the only athlete set to make a fortune from their talents.  The boxer Canelo Alvarez is set to make big money in the next decade.  He signed an 11 fight deal with the sports network DAZN worth $365 million, a hefty payday, but he could see that money in less than 10 years.  Floyd Mayweather earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million for a single fight against MMA star Conor McGregor and Lionel Messi makes $8o million per season in a contract that expires in 2021.

Endorsement Deals

While these contracts may make your jaw drop they have nothing on the endorsement deals that many of these athletes can sign in addition to their contracts.  Athletes like Tiger Woods, LeBron James and Christian Rinaldo have billion dollar deals with sports giant Nike.  They aren’t alone, the field of sports is filled with endorsement deals and contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars for athletes that may never see a championship.  Sheds a whole new light on the competitiveness of professional sports doesn’t it.